The Approval Committee ensures the technopolitan vocation of the site



Any relocation project involving the Madrillet Technology Park is subject to the opinion of an Approval Committee, the purpose of which is to guarantee the excellence of the site and to offer companies a favourable environment for their development.

The Approval Committee consists of 10 members and is managed by Rouen Normandy invest and Rouen Normandie Development:

  • 1 representative of the Normandy Regional Council
  • 1 representative of the Rouen Normandy metropolitan authority
  • 1 representative of government departments (Regional directorate for companies, competition, consumption, labour and employment (DIRECCTE), and the Regional delegation for research and technology (DRRT)
  • 1 representative of the Public Investment Bank (BPI) France
  • 1 representative of the Normandy Seine Sea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • 2 business representatives and 2 representatives of other legal entities under private law established on the Madrillet Technology Park (competitive clusters, business sectors, associations, etc.)
  • 2 representatives of teaching and research facilities located on the site.

Relocation projects are assessed on the basis of the following 4 criteria:

  • technologies used
  • prospects for scientific and technical cooperation with institutions on the site
  • the type of proposed recruitment and jobs.

Founding members