La Vente Olivier Business Park dedicated to the industry and the tertiary sector

Business Park dedicated to the industry, the services to the industry and the tertiary sector, located in the Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray municipality, which benefits from the human skills and resources of the Rouen Normandy metropolitan area. 30 hectares developed in a forest framework, directly connected to the A13 motorway (Paris-Caen-Le Havre) and supplied by the fibre.

La Vente Olivier business park


The South expressway provides a commercial showcase for the expansion of this business park of 8 ha, with direct access to the resources and corporate network of the Madrillet Technology Park and the main tertiary activity, industry and port hubs of the metropolitan area.

It benefits from an efficient connection to the A13 (Paris/Caen/Le Havre), the A28 (Alençon/Le Mans) and the A16 (Lille/Boulogne/Reims/Amiens) motorways. 23 companies are developing their activities on the La Vente Olivier Park, which represents a thousand jobs.

Founding members