Rouen Normandy economic development agency

Rouen Madrillet Innovation

A Technology Park for companies dedicated to environmental technologies (materials, energy, eclectronics, IT), particularly applied to the automobile,aerospace, energy and eco-construction sectors.

  • Directly connected to the A13 motorway (Paris-Caen),
  • Served by Metrobus and T4 busline
  • In a service environment :
    hotel centre, restaurants, shopping mall, exhibition centre, Zenith Rouen concert hall.

As an Eco-Technology Accelerator, the site concerns two integrated development zones (ZAC) : the Madrillet integrated development zone (ZAC) and the extension to the Madrillet integrated development zone representing 150 hectares areas forward.

It hosts :
A technical and scientific network of higher education (4 engineering schools : INSA, ESIGELEC, ESITECH, CESI and the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Rouen), laboratories of excellence gathering 500 researchers et 6 000 students.

• The head office of the MOV’EO global competitive cluster, on the theme of safe transport for humankind and the environment,

• The head office of the AeroEspace Normandy sector of excellence,

• Innovative institutions and start-ups representing more than 2 500 jobs,

Innovapôle76, a business incubator/business service centre of 2,500 sq.m hosting thirty start-ups,

A center dedicated to the innovative activities of construction, including :
Seine Ecopolis, a business incubator/business service center for innovative companies
in the building and civil engineering sector with 1 500 sq.m , including 11 workshops, 39
offices, storage areas, a centralized computer room, a photocopying room, a materials library,
broadband access and the supercomputers of the Regional Computer and Digital Applications
Center of Normandy (CRIANN) ;
– A business village of eco-construction, including LANFRY training center and LE CORBUSIER
school both dedicated to bioconstruction professions.

• The project WeHub, multifunctional programme (three-star hotel, restaurants, services…)
proposing 12 500 sq.m of offices forward at the heart of technology park.