Les Portes and Pharma-Parks 1&2 Business Park near Rouen

Business Parks located in the Val de Reuil and Le Vaudreuil municipalities, dedicated to companies in health, imaging, electronics and data processing fields.

50 minutes from Paris through the A13 motorway, these parks offer a set of services dedicated to facilitate the set-up, development and creation of businesses. Pharma-Park I, which has been awarded the “local productive system” label (SPL), is for the suppliers of packaging materials, converters and subcontractors for the pharmaceutical industries and is fully commercialized.

Les Portes Business Park ©Altivolus

Les Portes Business Park ©Altivolus


Pharma Park II is dedicated to biotechnological start-ups:

  • 1 Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer > C.R.I.T.T. Analyses et Surfaces

The extension of the Les Portes Business Park with a surface area of 41 hectares, hosts state-of-the-art companies and is developing a regional excellence hub in pharmacy, imaging, electronics and data processing.

The park benefits from the set-up of two Data Centres (EDF and ORANGE) and ALTIX.

All of the parks provide services to facilitate the set-up, development and creation of businesses:

  • Public transport services and proximity to the Val de Reuil train station,
  • Local loop of high speed telecommunications,
  • The SIGAME interactive tool, allowing companies to manage processes such as building permits, impact assessment, hazard study, water legislation file, etc.
  • The Satellite business incubator
  • Les Saules business service centre,
  • Consultancy services for business leaders and start-up platform
  • The Cascadine and Casibulle inter-company day centres nearby, with a capacity of 100 cribs working unusual hours (5:30 a.m.-10:30 p.m.)
  • Inter-company car-pooling site: www.covoiturage.seine-eure.com

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