Ecoparcs II and III: develop your logistic activities near the A13 motorway

General Business Park with logistics located beside the A13 motorway on the Heudebouville municipality, 40 minutes from Paris and 1 hour from Le Havre.

ECOPARC II, with a transferable surface area of 60 hectares, is facing the motorway and soon a double interchange. Its successful commercialization has enabled the launch of the landscaping projects of ECOPARC III with a transferable surface area of 45 hectares, now marketable.

Ecoparc ©Altivolus

Ecoparc ©Altivolus

The parks are organized on both sides of the main road consisting of a service road and multifunctional landscaped area. All of the parks provide services to facilitate the set-up, development and creation of businesses:

  • Service area, the Hildeboldus (open from 4 a.m. to 11 p.m.) for the truck drivers and the employees of the Eco-Parks, including a restaurant and two car parks for trucks and light vehicles, a secure truck parking with 22 spots.
  • The Cascadine and Casibulle inter-company day centres nearby, with a capacity of 100 cribs working unusual hours (5:30 a.m.-10:30 p.m.)
  • SIGAME interactive tool, allowing companies to manage processes such as building permits, impact assessment, impact study, hazard study, water legislation file, etc.
  • Business incubator: the Satellite, including 12 offices, 5 workshops, and 1 conference room
  • Consultancy services for business leaders and start-up platform
  • Inter-company car-pooling site :

The business village located in full view of the RD 6155 and the A13 motorway, on Ecoparc II, is designed for industrial and service SME’s on plots of 0.3 to 2 hectares.

The industrial and logistics platform located on Ecoparc III will offer surface areas ranging from 5 to 8 hectares to large companies of this sector.

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