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Rouen Innovation Health

In the hearth of Rouen, close to the public transport network, directly connected to the A28 motorway (Lille-Calais-Bayonne) and A29 motorway (Amiens-Reims), Rouen Innovation Health is a tertiary and technology centre dedicated to thealth sector activities an one hour from Paris-la Défense.

On 6,2 hectares in the hearth of the University Hospital Campus, it offers a high-performance environement for the companies development in the domain of health and well-being, having access to the high-level scientific network, internationally recognized, and allowing a relationship between clinic medicine, chemistry and biology.

The reception to your « health » project

Rouen Innovation Health welcomes and supports innovative companies in the health sector (in particular in R&D) :

  • Within Normandie Incubation (1300 sq.m) including offices, workshops, laboratories and equipment (laundry room, storage room, cold room) and Seine-Innopolis, business incubator of 2 400 sq.m of technical platforms, offices and laboratories.
    Located in the heart of the Rouen Innovation Health area in Rouen, at the bottom of Rouen University hospital centre (CHU) and the Faculty of medecine and pharmacy, its environment is favourable to the development of start-ups. Nurseries benefit from dedicated services : physical and telephone reception – secure access 24h a day – private parking – meeting rooms including a videoconferencing team.
  • In buildings to be constructed up to 31000 sq.m maximum floor area,

The develoment of an extention programme of Rouen University Hospital Centre (CHU), of which the first achievement includes a Medical Training Center of 3 000 sq.m.

Rouen Innovation Health, in the heart of an exceptional scientific environement

Rouen Innovation Health benefits from the dynamics of an exceptional environement. At the heart of an ecosystem centre consisting of University Hospital Centre CHU, the faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy and numerous R&D laboratories grouped within the biomedical innovation, 2 Carnot institutes (CALYM and I2C), Clinical investigation Center of CHU/University and the medical training center (simulation training centre and training in biomedical techniques). The centre also benefits from the competitiveness of CosmeticValley and Polepharma clusters.

Key figures

1st exporting region in the health and well-being sector : 30 000 jobs, including 34 pharmaceutical production units for 8500 jobs (81% of national jobs)

Regional Training schools for health professions : 13 schools – 1,800 students

Faculty of Medicine & Pharmacy : 3700 students – 135 researchers and teacher-researchers

University Hospital Centre (CHU) : 1st regional employer

Medical Training Center : 90 training programs offered

The Rouen employment area gathers together healthcare leaders such as Aspen, Ethypharm, Sanofi, J&J, Ovopharm, Fresenius, Kabi, Aptar Pharma, Valdepharm… as well as biotech startups such as Robocath, Angany Genetics, TF Chem, Holodiag, Targedys…).

Accompany your health project

Rouen and its region benefits from a network of partners to support you in the realization of your project. RNI offers you the best orientation possible towards the Rouen partners who will be able to help you.

Two competitiveness centres, CosmesticValley and Polepharma, the centre of the pharmaceutical sector, have for mission the development of the centre and helping the companies in their development and innovation. Two other clusters reinforce the networks : LSN federates the logistics operators and specialized packaging and Glass Vallée, the cluster of glass bottling.

The scientific Network

High-level biomedical research – All the active forces of labeled biomedical research are currently grouped together within the Institute of Biomedical Research and Innovation (IRIB). This institute works on 4 research topics :

  • Neurosciences
  • Genetics – Cancer – Immunology
  • Cardiovascular – Nutrition
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic innovation – value

Clinical research at University Hospital Centre (CHU) – In 2016, the Clinical Research and Innovation Delegation (DRCI) registered 364 new studies, of which 56 on cancerology studies, 120 interventional (including 9 in routine care) and 226 non-interventional, including 153 observational, 5 cohort and 1 registry. The total number of studies in progress in 2016 was 1,030 (including 53 observational, 5 cohorts and 1 registry). More informations

University of Rouen – The research at the University of Rouen in health field is structured on 4 campuses, around the Poles, Science and Technology, Medicine-Pharmacy, data processing and Information Processing and finally Innovative Technologies of Life ( INSA University of Rouen). They gather within the two Carnot Institutes (Calym for lymphoma research and I2C for chemistry-biology.

Cancéropôle Northwest has three entities in Rouen University Hospital Centre (CHU), University and Center Henri Becquerel. The mission of the Cancéropôle Northwest is to accelerate the research / innovation / treatment cycle, for the benefit of patients, in a logic of continuum care-research and transfer of knowledge to therapeutic applications. Cancéropôle works on 5 research topics :

  •  Precision medicine on solid tumors
  •  Clinical and biological aspects of malignant B hemopathies
  •  Molecular imaging and therapeutic adaptation
  •  Cancer and neurosciences
  •  Cancer, the individual et society.

Rouen Normandy Invest is at your disposal to facilitate your implantation on the Rouen Innovation Health centre and allow you to quickly find answers adapted to your needs.