Madrillet Technology Park

A Technology Park for companies dedicated to environmental technologies (materials, energy, electronics, IT), particularly applied to the automotive, aerospace, energy and Bio-Construction sectors.

  • Directly connected to the A13 motorway (Paris-Caen)
  • Served by Metrobus,
  • In a service environment: hotel centre, restaurants, shopping mall, exhibition centre, Zenith Rouen.

As an Eco-Technology Accelerator, the site concerns two integrated development zones (ZAC): the Madrillet integrated development zone (ZAC) and the extension to the Madrillet integrated development zone.

It hosts:

  • The head offices of the MOV’EO global competitive cluster, on the theme of safe transport for humankind and the environment,
  • The head offices of the AeroEspace Normandy sector of excellence,
  • Innovative institutions and start-ups representing more than 1,200 jobs
  • Innovapôle76, a business incubator/business service centre of 2,500 sq. m hosting thirty start-ups,
  • A centre of excellence dedicated to innovative construction, including:

– Seine Ecopolis, a business incubator/business service centre for innovative companies in the building and civil engineering sector with 1,500 sq. m, including 11 workshops, 39 offices, storage areas, a centralized computer room, a photocopying room, a materials library, broadband access and the supercomputers of the Normandy Computer Resource Centre (CRIHAN);

– A business village for Green Building companies, including a dozen workshops from 100 to 170 sq. m with offices for sale or rent. Delivery scheduled for mid 2016.

– A technical and scientific network of higher education (2 engineering schools, National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA), ESIGELEC graduate engineering school and Faculty of Science) and a dozen R&D and technology transfer centres forming the LABEX EMC3 on the theme of Materials for Clean Energy and Combustion, combining 400 researchers and 5,000 students.


Founding members

Métropole Rouen Normandie
CCI Seine Mer Normandie
University of Rouen
Haropa - Port of Rouen