Rouen Normandy economic development agency

Creating and developing innovative projects with the Rouen metropolitan area

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for a new solution to boost the development of your business or a young graduate with a particularly bold idea, your project is based on true innovation.

But innovation usually means large-scale investment, new technology, additional maturation time and risks…

To best meet your expectations and questions, the Rouen Metropolitan authority has also chosen to innovate.

The Rouen Normandie Creation network promotes the creation of innovative companies

Rouen Normandie Création

Rouen Normandie Création

To host, support, and train entrepreneurs in the Rouen Normandy metropolitan area. The Rouen Normandy Creation network manages and coordinates all the business incubators and service centres of the Rouen Normandy metropolitan area.

Reseau Rouen Normandie Création ©JF Lange

Create and develop an innovative project on the Rouen Normandy Metropolis

A full range of business incubators and service centres on sites dedicated to innovation

In turn, more mature structures can integrate the various different business incubators and service centres in the region.

Innovapôle hosts 76 innovative companies in a privileged environment. 1 hour from Paris, this business incubator is located on the Madrillet Technology Park which also hosts prestigious higher education institutions, a unique network of expertise and resources (research and test centres, laboratories) and well-known businesses.

Seine Biopolis is for stakeholders in the biology and health sectors. Located in the centre of Rouen, this business incubator and service centre benefits from the proximity of many centres of excellence such as the University Hospital, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy and many research laboratories (CIC-CRB, IHURB, etc.).

The business incubator of the Seine Innopolis ITC cluster is for companies working in digital technology. The site allows users to benefit from an online community network, an ITC club and events focusing on new uses

Inaugurated in 2014, Seine Ecopolis, located on the Madrillet Technology Park, already hosts fifty innovative companies in the field of eco-construction.

For further information: Rouen Normandy Creation

Combining innovation with research

The aim to innovate requires a high level of synergies between companies, research laboratories and higher education institutions.

To achieve that, the Rouen metropolitan authority has hosted two competitive clusters: the Mov’eo global competitive cluster (Automotive industry and Transport) and Nov@log (Logistics).

The global competitive cluster  Mov’eo  whose head office is located on the Madrillet Technology Park combines world-leading industrial stakeholders (Renault, PSA, Valeo, SNECMA, Total, etc.) high-level research centres (INRETS, CERTAM, IFP, etc.) and higher education institutions (ESIGELEC graduate engineering school, Paris Central Engineering School, Universities, etc.) to offer advanced automotive and transport services that are safe for humankind and the environment.

The purpose of the  Nov@log  competitive cluster is to support companies in moving to tomorrow’s logistics through actions to develop research focused on topics such as: traceability, inter-modality, industrial logistics flows and processes, the sea-land interface, urban transport, safety and the environment.