Find out more about the living environment of the Rouen metropolitan area

A wide range of housing blending the traditional Norman style and recent constructions

The Rouen Normandy metropolitan area has a property portfolio of great diversity (cottages, traditional or half-timbered houses, manor houses, contemporary residences, etc.) providing many opportunities for housing, whether for purchase or rent, at reasonable prices.

Easier access

Réseau Metrobus Rouen

Metrobus Rouen © Martin Flaux


Under the impact of the modernization of the road infrastructure and the opening of the Flaubert Bridge, travelling times in the Rouen metropolitan area have never been as short.

The public transport network provides links to all parts of the city. There are three major modes of transport: subway, bus and the Rouen East-West Transport Network (TEOR) (the East/West public transport corridor, on protected lanes, has been developed to complement the North/South subway line).

Open access public bicycles (Vélo’R), allow residents in Rouen to move freely in the city. Finally, by train or car, Rouen is only one hour from Paris-La Défense.




Rich cultural heritage

The historic centre of Rouen, completely pedestrian, is alive with Gothic art (Notre Dame cathedral, Saint-Ouen abbey, Saint-Maclou Church and the Palace of Justice), half-timbered facades of buildings, alongside Renaissance style monuments such as the Gros Horloge, Saint Maclou Ossuary and the Bourgtheroulde Mansion) and the elegance of classical town houses. The redeveloped quays on the Seine and the many parks and public gardens in turn provide a wide range of areas for relaxation.

A remarkable natural setting

House of forests @Martin Flaux

House of forests @Martin Flaux

Stretching over 40,000 hectares, the great forests (Forest of Roumare, Green Forest, Forest of the Londe, Forest of Bord-Louviers, etc.) surrounding the city, provide as many places for walks, sports or simply a breath of fresh air. The sea, which reaches Rouen via the Seine, is only 45 minutes away from the city, with a wide variety of landscapes, from pebble beaches to sandy beaches and towering cliffs…

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