Some ideas for outings in Rouen and its metropolis

An ambitious cultural policy…

Musée des Beaux Arts de Rouen

Musseum of Beaux-Arts, Rouen ®JF Lange

The collection of Impressionist works in the Rouen Fine Arts Museum is one of the finest in France outside Paris. The Norman capital honours its artists through multiple events (the Impressionists Nights, the Normandy Impressionist Festival, etc.). The 33 art galleries provide, in turn, a contemporary vision of artistic creation in the region.


Musical arts are also well represented by the Zenith show centre and the Opera House which, together with the 106 (Current Music Scene), provide major cultural facilities for local, national and international artists.

… For a city where the living is easy

Like going out and partying? There are plenty of bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Rouen. The multiplex cinemas, theatres and festivals also provide a variety of outings. Occasional events such as the Saint-Romain Fair, the Rouen flea market or Thursday Terraces help to expand the range of possible outings.

One of the highlights of this abundance of cultural events and festivals is the Armada of Rouen held every five years, which attracts the most beautiful tall ships in the world. Ten days under the sign of sea travel and friendship between peoples.

“Sports fans! Take the field!”

Several major sports clubs in Rouen compete at national and European levels. Stay on the beat with the exploits of the RHE 76 (Ice Hockey) SPO Rouen (Basketball) or the Huskies (Baseball).

A must-go venue on the calendar of numerous Championship meetings (athletics, synchronized ice-skating, etc.), the Norman capital also hosts numerous other sporting events: 24-Hour speedboat Race, Rouen Semi-Marathon, etc.

One step from stand to stadium

Whether you’re a Sunday sports fan or a genuine athlete, you want to exert yourself and get a breath of fresh air. Numerous sports facilities are available and the choice of sports to practice is varied. Tennis courts, gyms, swimming pools, running tracks, horse-riding centres, squash courts, skating rinks, climbing walls, golf courses, water sports are all playgrounds for your personal fulfilment.

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