Urban planning project for the Quartier Saint-Sever Nouvelle Gare

The proposed New Paris Normandy line, representing € 60 million of studies included in the Inter-regional Government-Region Development Plan and Contract for the Seine Valley, including the construction of a new station in Rouen, is an exceptional opportunity to revitalize strategic areas along the Seine and in the heart of the metropolis.

The construction of the future station, improving connections to Paris and the Paris region airports, also allows the reorganization of commuting to urban centres in Normandy and the improvement of the entire metropolitan network.

The district provides access to all of the business centres in Norman and abroad, to the superb historical and cultural heritage of the Seine Valley and to the well-known tourist sites of the Normandy coast, and allows the realization of an ambitious project at the architectural level as well as a business district with high-level innovative service activities. The scope of project’s studies representing some thirty hectares is a continuation of the major re-urbanization schemes of Rouen Seine Cité with the Luciline-Rives de Seine and Flaubert eco-districts. Between them, these re-designed districts linked by the Seine represent an outstanding economic and environmental challenge.


Aerial view of the future district of ​​the new station Rouen


The New Rouen Train Station district, the first developments of which are scheduled for around 2030, replies to various objectives in terms of urban, environmental and economic constraints, and helps enhance the overall attractiveness of the Metropolis. It represents 200,000 to 300,000 sq. m of housing, as well as buildings for commercial purposes and high value-added services.

This multi-modality hub will fit smoothly into the existing urban landscape, while providing new areas for services and business in the heart of the metropolis. The modern district will be connected, intelligent, based on digital technology enabling better management of resources, energy, mobility and services. But it will also be lively, welcoming and communicating for a diverse public, including residents, workers and tourists.

The project is currently in its strategic consultation phase and the end of the town planning phase is scheduled for early 2017.

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