Luciline-Rives de Seine, 1st green neighborhood in Rouen

Welcome to Luciline !

To the west of Rouen, 5 minutes by foot from the Cathedral, the 1st eco-district of the metropolitan area is now being built.

The arrival of the first inhabitants of this new district covering 9 hectares at the end of 2014 and the delivery of the Andrée Putman mall consisting of a landscaped garden are now used to highlight the identity of this eco-district and federate its users and residents around a new way of living and working.

The mixed, dense district consists of housing, offices and shops. Balanced, thanks to the various accommodation on offer ranging from social housing, to the usufruct of rental units on behalf of social housing operators or housing for sale, accommodation in the city centre area consists of townhouses and small apartment buildings.

Very well served by 3 lines of public transport with a high level of service, Luciline-Rives de Seine benefits from an outstanding location along the Seine near the Docks 76 (commercial and cultural mall), as well as leisure and sports facilities such the Kindarena.

An urban metaphor of water in the heart of the eco-district

The structuring element of the urban landscape is based on the uncovering of the local underground stream, the Luciline, which has led to the creation of a network of swales (small water collection and irrigation ditches) and channels for recovering rainwater from buildings and public spaces.

  • Geothermal energy is used for heating and cooling thanks to the presence of a ground water table at a constant temperature of 15°C. The general use of this process on the scale of a neighbourhood is virtually unique in France.
  • Support for urban biodiversity through this surface water system flowing through green spaces.
  • Priority has been given to walking for the pioneer public areas, in a very pleasant and very green environment.

Completed operations

Futur en Seine Rouen

Futur en Seine

Passive programme (2012 Building Regulation – 40%) of 30 homes. Delivered late 2014. Funded by a 17-year plan based on usufruct of rental units on behalf of social housing operators (PERL Company).

Client: Cirmad Prospectives

Architect: Bureau 112 (Rouen)

Promoter: Cirmad

Riva Rouen


Low-energy housing programme (2012 BUILDING REGULATION) of 42 rental units funded by a 15-year plan based on usufruct of rental units on behalf of social housing operators (PERL Company). Delivered in 2014.

Client: Cirmad Prospectives

Architect: Atelier des 2 Anges (Rouen)

Promoter: Cirmad

Operations under current delivery



Docks en Seine

Low-energy housing programme (2012 BUILDING REGULATION) of 54 home ownership units. Delivery end of 2015.

Client: Cirmad Prospectives

Architect: François Leclerc (Paris)

Promoter: SERI OUEST



Programme consisting of 5 townhouses, 15 subsidized apartments, 39 home ownership apartments and 200 sq. m of local shops.

Delivery scheduled for summer 2015.

Promoter: Exelsia-ADIM (Vinci)

Architects: AZ Architects (Rouen) & DCCP (Paris)

Future operations



Vauban bis

Joint building programme of 4,600 sq. m of office floor space, 20 social housing units and 24 low-cost units. Starting in 2015. Delivery expected in 2017.

Client: Matmut

Terrasses en Seine

Programme of thirty low-energy housing units and 500 sq. m of local shops and offices. Delivery of 1st batch in 2016.

Client: LTI

Architect: Alain Elie (Rouen)

Square Solana

Complex of 75 houses and four townhouses.

Promoter: Nacarat

Architects: Brocher-Lajue-Peyo and Dugravier-Semondes (Bordeaux)

Founding members