Economic situation of the Rouen metropolitan area

Panorama de Rouen

With 71 municipalities and nearly 500,000 inhabitants, the Rouen Normandy metropolitan area is one of 10 major regions in France, an urban area whose population is younger than the French average (32% of the population are between 15 and 29 years old – source: the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) 2010) which partly explains its vitality.

The location of the Main Seaport at the end of the estuary, now part of the HAROPA Economic Interest Group (EIG) (with the main seaports of Le Havre and Paris), has an impact on all of the region surrounding Rouen which benefits from nearby access to the markets of the Ile de France region, London and the Benelux countries. Its strategic location also means companies that set up here have more than 25 million potential customers within a radius of 200 kilometres.

The rail connections, efficient motorway network (A13-A14, A28 and A29), and numerous bridges over the Seine in Normandy mean Paris is just 1 hour away from Rouen. Major French and European cities such as Calais (2 hours away), Nantes (3h30), Antwerp (3h40) or London (4h) are also easily accessible.

In terms of telecommunications, the density of the optic fibre network in the region surrounding Rouen covers the entire urban and suburban areas. The broadband network available to operators in the form of leased dark fibre, allows them to offer services (fibre access or xDSL access) to every new area of economic activity in the region. The optic fibre network of the Rouen Normandy metropolitan area also allows operators to provide businesses and the general public with unbundled offers.

If you need further arguments or details to convince you, we could cite the natural surroundings with the large plateaus, bends in the river Seine and the vast reserve of forests and woodlands (40,000 ha). Allow us to invite you to consider it with this overview of the economic fabric of the Rouen metropolitan area  and find out more for yourself about the riches of the region.


A forest reserve of 40 000 hectares ©Patrice Le Bris

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