The Madrillet Technology Park, a site dedicated to environmental technologies


Environmental technologies improve the environment by providing a direct or indirect substitute for polluting technologies or by reducing their effects. They thus help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, noise pollution as well as the consumption of energy and raw materials.

They also apply to treatment methods for air, soil, water, waste, etc.

Finally, they encompass related service activities, including activities in the ICT field that are essential for their development.

The Madrillet Technology Park brings together companies and research centres working in fields of expertise recognized throughout Europe:

Mechanical Engineering – Materials – Vibro-acoustics

  • Clean mechanical production (oil-free machining, solvent-free cleaning of parts)
  • Eco-materials (agricultural resources, biodegradability, weight reduction, recyclability)
  • Clean surface treatments (dry process)
  • Noise reduction

Energy – Combustion – Environment

  • Energy efficiency, clean energy, renewable energies
  • Clean combustion, air quality, reducing noise and air pollutant emissions
  • Product and process safety
  • Pollutant treatment and recovery
  • Ecomobility

Electronics – Data processing -Telecommunications

  • Electromagnetic emissions
  • Numerical modelling
  • Transmission of multiple data
  • Electronic and mechatronic reliability
  • Automation
  • Smart systems

All these fields benefit at the Madrillet Technology Park from skills enabling the development of outstanding diagnostic and measurement tools:

  • Tomographic atom probe
  • Femtosecond laser
  • Sophisticated optronic equipment for metrology

Founding members