R&D at Madrillet Technology Park

Litis-Rouen500 researchers spread across 20 research laboratories and technology platforms, work in the areas of basic and applied research and regularly support a large number of companies in the development of their innovative projects and the integration of new technologies.

Energetics – Propulsion – Environment

  • Inter-professional Complex for Aerothermochemistry Research (CORIA): Combustion – Fluid Mechanics – Optical Diagnostics
  • Technological Research and Study Centre in Aerothermodynamics and Engines (CERTAM): Combustion and Automobile Pollutants
  • Technological and Industrial Research and Studies Centre in Clean Energy (CERTI-EP): Clean Low-Cost Energy Systems
  • LSPC: Chemical process safety
  • Technological and Industrial Research and Studies Centre in Process Safety, Environment and Analysis (CERTI SPEA): Design and optimization of chemical processes

Mechanical Engineering – Materials – Vibro-acoustics

  • Automotive Vibro-Acoustic Study Centre (CEVAA): R&D Acoustics, Vibrations and Reliability
  • LOFIMS: Research and Development in Mechanical Engineering
  • Technological and Industrial Research and Studies Centre in High Speed Machining (CERTI -UGV): High Speed Machining
  • IMR: Physical Chemistry of Materials
    • GPM : Nanostructures and properties of metallic materials
    • LECAP: Polymers and amorphous materials
    • AMME International Laboratory: Mechanical engineering and materials

Electronics – Computers – Telecommunications

  • Normandy Computer Resource Centre (CRIHAN): Numerical simulation
  • On-board Electronic Systems Research Institute (IRSEEM): On-board electronics
  • IT Data and Information Processing and Systems laboratory (LITIS): Design of smart systems
  • LMRS: Pure and Applied Mathematics
  • LMI: Numerical analysis and modelling

Founding members