Higher Education

5,000 technical and scientific staff of high level are trained by higher education institutions in the Madrillet Technology Park, providing companies with a wide range of recruitment opportunities:

Rouen University – Science and Technology Training and Research Unit (UFR)

Scientific staff hold a Master’s degree (5 years of higher education) and PhD researchers (8 years of higher education) from the following Departments of the Faculty of Sciences: Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science.


ESITECH – Innovative Technologies Engineering School

ESITECH is a school inside the University of Rouen which trains General Engineers in two specialized fields: Engineering Physics and Life Technologies.


Rouen National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA)

Engineers (5 years of higher education) from the following Departments: Energy and Propulsion, Risk Management and Sustainable Business, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture of Information Systems, Mathematical Engineering, Fine Chemistry and Engineering.



(Graduate Engineering School) Engineers (5 years of higher education) in the following fields: Telecommunications and Electronic Systems Engineering (ISET), Communications Engineering (ICOM), Network Architecture and Security (ASR), Information Systems Engineering (GSI), Industrial Robotics and Automation (ARI), On-board Systems Engineering (ISE), Electrical and Transport Engineering (GET), Business Engineering (IA), Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering (MCTGE), Finance Engineering (IF), Biomedical Engineering (IBIOM), Energy and Sustainable Development (EDD).


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