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Pôle de compétitivité Novalog

In the strategy of the logistics competitive cluster, the ICT sector is of particular importance.

The competitiveness of logistics can only be measured in terms of the services provided to industry, cargo or the consumer (end user). This mainly involves the exchange of data, optimization of logistics or freight organizations but also the modelling of logistics operations.

Although the technologies that can increase the competitiveness of the service exist (RFiD, optical scanning, video, geolocation, etc.), logistics activities need reliable technologies to increase productivity in a growing market with labour and regulatory constraints.

This is also the case in the field of sustainable development of logistics for the environmental management of logistics areas, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (electronic sensors, real-time processing of information, etc.).

Nov@log’s economic and technological strategy includes adding value in this field (through entrepreneurship, start-ups, integration of SME technology, etc.) to serve the logistics sector.


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