Each year the ESIGELEC graduate engineering school trains more than 300 general engineers. 30% of of the year-class graduates are taken up by the “computer and information technology” industry.

For several years, the Embedded Electronic Systems Research Institute (IRSEEM) has been involved with ICT activities in research as well as in technology transfer.
In terms of technology transfer, various operations have been set up including the organization of a technology watch for SMEs (topics addressed included issues such as TCP/IP for On-board systems, Communication Buses and Protocols, RFID, etc.).

In terms of research, ICTs are mostly addressed as technology for adding intelligence to an electronic system.

The areas of investigation concern the use of ICTs for transport and ambient intelligence (intelligent transport systems such as the automated placement system for containers in the port of Le Havre but also the creation of a 3D rebuilder based on real-time vision on a GPU architecture or 3D reconstruction by vision for the autonomous navigation of a mobile robot).

Key competencies in ICTs, in the IRSEEM and ESIGELEC:

  • Biometric authentication
  • 3D vision and reconstruction
  • Simulation and digital modelling
  • Communications Protocols in cooperative systems
  • Network architecture and security
  • Embedded systems
  • Geolocation
  • Communications: Machine to machine, inter-vehicle, etc.
  • Optimization 

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