Profiles of stakeholders and users of the Digital Canteen in Rouen

  • Independent web workers or ICT users wishing to share and discuss projects, jointly reply to business opportunities, communicate and enhance their visibility, find skills.
  • Start-ups in the development phase, project backers, designers or just digital enthusiasts
  • Students wishing to know more about the local ecosystem around ICT innovation entrepreneurship and develop their projects in search of shared services / a pool of customers / potential partners.
  • Teachers, research laboratories and higher education institutions wishing to promote their work with a view to technology transfer or create synergies with the local ecosystem in order to encourage the realization of their students’ projects.
  • Large companies & local, regional, national & international SMEs working in the industry or users of these technologies in order to be in direct contact with a pool of innovative projects and potential providers (entrepreneurs or researchers).
  • Investors looking for innovative projects with high potential and be visible to them.

Founding members