The Digital Canteen in a few words

Both a working and collaborative project area dedicated to new technologies, the Seine Innopolis Digital Canteen provides ICT stakeholders with a perfect environment to meet and work together. It helps to:

  • Develop and share the skills of users,
  • Increase the visibility of local skills and the businesses that develop them,
  • Encourage new projects, attract talent and support the creation of working communities,
  • Support project backers in the development of their business,
  • Boost and bring together regional stakeholders in digital innovation,
  • Introduce and develop new uses.

Cantine Numérique NWX

Digital Canteen #NWX

Digital Canteen #NWX a place of exchanges and meetings for the digital sector companies ®Nicolas Broquedis


To achieve these objectives, the venue features friendliness, openness, and simplicity, and includes:

  • a co-working space for ‘nomad’ stakeholders laid out as a lounge with internet connection and WiFi access,
  • a relaxation area for discussions (café / lounge / exhibition and mini-conference room)
  • a fully-equipped modular meeting space.
  • an office for the Canteen manager.

In addition to its space, the Digital Canteen provides a series of services (logistics, advice, communication) to accelerate cooperation between project backers, encourage innovation and promote the growth of this booming sector.


Founding members