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Develop your tertiary activities on La Ronce Business Park

Tertiary bases Business Park
Directly connected to the A28/A29 Amiens-Reims, A16 Lille-Calais-Boulogne and the A13 Paris-Caen motorways, this business park is less than 1h30 from the major cities of northwest and Paris. In the extension of the tertiary parks on the northern area of
Rouen, La Ronce business park develops over 100 hectares f which 50 are marketable.

Develop your tertiary activities on the La Ronce Business Park

La Ronce Business Park ©Altivolus

This park offers a building potential of 165 000 sq.m, with optic fibre integrated into a landscaped site of high environmental quality.

The motorway access and high-level F1 bus service line (commissionned in 2019), position the site from 15 mn from Rouen city centre and SNCF hub. A service centre in development, including a catering centre, a wellness/health centre and local shops, reinforces the attractiveness of the site.

The initial development phase has attracted some thirty companies. The business park still has 11 hectares marketable in the short term.

Three private real estate programs involving a total of more than 12 200 sq.m of floor space are currently under development and complete the rental and turnkey offer for business.