Establish your logistics activities on the Petit Couronne Port Terminal

Petit Couronne Port Terminal


A13, A28, A29 motorway service, direct rail Paris-Ile de France service and river service on the Seine Corridor.

20 available hectares for the development of industrial and service port activities either independently or in connection with operators already established: Beuzelin, Guy Dauphin Environnement, Surveyfert.

An exceptional location in the centre of the Main Seaport of Rouen to serve 22 million people within a radius of 200 km (124 miles).


The Estuary seaport of Rouen, a member of the HAROPA Economic Interest Group (EIG), is accessible:

  • to partially loaded vessels of 160,000 dwt,
  • the fully loaded vessels of 43,000 dwt,
  • to vessels carrying up to 2,400 containers.

In addition, a project to improve shipping access will provide a further meter of draught.
Rouen has:

  • a wide range of scheduled services to Europe, Africa, the Indian Ocean, South America, the Caribbean and continues to expand into new locations,
  • daily river transport services to the ports of Paris and Le Havre,
  • a direct rail link to Paris and the Ile de France,
  • An outstanding motorway Network: A16-A28 (Calais-Lille Alençon), A29 (Reims, Amiens), A13 (Caen-Paris).

Infrastructure and equipment:

  • 630 m quay (1.181 feet)
  • Draught up to 11 m (36 feet)
  • Fixed cranes, including 2 x 12/35 t Caillard cranes and 1 long-range/high power Mague crane (40 t at 26 m; 28 t at 40 m on the quayside)
  • Quayage: 3 ha on the quayside
  • Railway sidings: 5 lines
  • River access for pushed convoys of up to 4.400 t
  • Quick highway access via South III

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