The Pavilly business village for handicraft and mixed activities

Site for mixed-handicrafts activities to the West entrance of the Rouen metropolitan area

The Pavilly Business Village enjoys an exceptional location 5 minutes from the A150 motorway and 15 minutes from the main economic activities hubs of the Rouen metropolitan area. The A29 motorway, 15 minutes away, enables an easy access to Le Havre, Amiens, Lille and Saint-Quentin.

Dedicated to hosting logistics, services, and mixed-use business and handicrafts activities in a pleasant environment, the business village benefits from the proximity of the Barentin shopping and catering services centre.

The development project includes parcel division starting from 5,000 sq. m, connected by a central road.

Companies already established: Tehcnimétal, Air Thermique, and Gastronomy Service …

The companies setting-up in the village have access to the skill and expertise pool of the 820,000 inhabitants of the employment area of Rouen.


Pavilly Business Village for mixed-handicrafts activities

Pavilly Business Village for mixed-handicrafts activities © 4vents Photographie Aérienne

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