The Pavilly business park for handcraft and mixed activities

Site for mixed-use business and handicrafts activities to the west of the Rouen metropolitan area

The Pavilly Business Village enjoys an exceptional location 5 minutes from the A150 motorway and 15 minutes from the main business centres of Rouen. The A29 motorway, 15 minutes away, enables easy access Le Havre, Amiens, Lille and Saint-Quentin.

Dedicated to hosting logistics, services, and mixed-use business and handicrafts activities in a pleasant environment, the business village benefits from the proximity of the Barentin shopping and catering services centre.

The development project includes plots of land from 5,000 sq. m and up, connected by a central road.

The companies setting-up in the village will have access to the skills and know-how of the 820,000 inhabitants of the employment area of Rouen.

Le village d'entreprises à vocation mixte-artisanale de Pavilly

The business village mixed craft vocation of Pavilly © 4vents Photographie Aérienne

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