Halage, a Business Park dedicated to the industry and to mixed and handicraft activities

A business Park dedicated to host companies from the field of industry and mixed and handicraft activities, located in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray.

  • At the centre of the economic zone of the Seine’s banks
  • Near the Rouen Multi Commodities logistics area
  • Directly connected to the A13 (Paris-Caen), the A28 (Lille-Calais-Bayonne) and the A29 (Amiens-Rheims) motorways
Halage Business Park

Located by the Seine river, the Halage Business Park hosts many companies in the industry sector as well as in the mixed and handicraft activities


The Halage Park is part of a large economic development area of 300 hectares located on the banks of the Seine, and representing more than 6,000 jobs. A dynamic sector with logistics companies such as Heppner, Ziegler, Kuehne Nagel, Schenker Joyau, Stef, Calberson Normandie, La Poste, or even Palettes Gestion Services, and industrial companies such as Sagem (Safran Group), Autoliv and Europack. The overall project ensures consistency of development and the landscape quality of the park.

The Halage Park provides a quality service environment for industrial facilities.

  • Near the Rouen Seine Valley logistics area (HAROPA Port of Rouen shipping and port services)
  • Sotteville-lès-Rouen freight railway station
  • Jonquay river pier
  • Rouen Multi Commodities logistics area
  • Large-scale water resources, direct boreholes to groundwater (between 1 and 4 meters deep)
  • EDF Electricity network + TARANIS Energy backup network (80/100 megawatt)
  • Steam from TARANIS ENERGY can provide the following pressures : 3.5 bar, 6 bar, 15 bar, 31 bar, 65 bar
  • Public transport (bus line 33)
  • Train stations in Oissel (Intercités /Paris-Le Havre) and Saint-Etienne du Rouvray
  • EUREST inter-company catering services (500 meters), private catering (3 restaurants)
  • Liberty inter-company day centre 500m (28-35 cradles)
  • Seine Bank business club to facilitate inter-company relations, pooling of services, safety, waste collection, etc.

Founding members