Les Coutures Business Park

Located at the heart of the industrial ecosystem, Les Coutures Park is integrated in the nearby activity hub composed of the Moulin I, II, III, and IV Parks in the Cléon municipality, welcoming industrial activities and great automobile, chemistry, aeronautic and electronic contractors.

A total of 77 hectares: 12 hectares in the North sector (8 transferable ha) + 65 hectares in the South sector (35 transferable ha)

With a direct access to the A13 (Paris-Caen) motorway, which benefits from a direct access to Paris and is also close to the Rouen Ports and the Port Angot river platform.


Les Coutures Park ©Altivolus

Les Coutures Park ©Altivolus


Divided in two sectors, the North sector welcomes mixed and company service activities and also develops a service hub for the users of the nearby industries such as Renault Cléon

The Business Park South sector is exclusively for handicraft activities, or the non-contaminating and logistics industrial type of activities.

The development of this zone should, with time, create around 1.500 jobs.

Founding members