Rouen Normandy economic development agency

Chêne Bénard Business Park

Situated on the axis Rouen-Le Havre, the site hosts an artisanal activities, subcontracting and services for industry.

A few minutes away of Paris-Caen A13 motorway and Rouen-Alençon A28 motorway and in the heart of Seine river loops, it benefits from the proximity of the employment basin of Duclair, Yainville, Bourg-Achard and their major industrial contractors.


Chêne Bénard Business Park © Altivolus

Chêne Bénard Business Park © Altivolus


Part of the plots still available, developed on both sides of the traffic axis can be grouped together, representing a batch of 1.4 hectares.

Business park, inserted in the industrial basin of the Seine valley, west of the Rouen Normandy Metropolis, it represents a competitive opportunity (8€/sqm, pre-tax value), for the establishment of craft companies, small industries or services.