Bosc Hétrel Business Park

Located in the Rouen-Le Havre corridor, the site welcomes logistic and industrial activities. It offers a direct access to the A13 Paris-Caen and the A28 Rouen-Alençon motorways.

50 minutes from Paris, located at the end of the Criquebeuf-sur-Seine interchange on the A13 motorway, the Bosc Hétrel Business Park benefits from an outstanding showcase.

Bosc Hétrel Business Park ©Altivolus

Bosc Hétrel Business Park ©Altivolus


22 hectares which represent 115.000 sq. m have already been built, hosting logistic activities (Exapak, Produits Bergers, SAGA France, ID Logistique, Chronopost, Carrier Transicold, Interparfums) and production activities (Carrières de Normandie, Groupe COFEL)

A second part of the 17 hectares will be marketable in 2017. 5 hectares can be mobilised to support the future development of this system.

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