The Rouen Normandy Invest mobility service facilitates your set-up in Rouen

L'une des missions du service mobilité : vous faire aimer Rouen

A service to guide you in your new home town.

A fully bilingual service that welcomes employees of all nationalities.

You have been recruited or transferred and will soon arrive in the Rouen area?

Rouen Normandy Invest facilitates your arrival!

Accompanying and facilitating your arrival in Rouen

As an employee on the move for professional reasons, you have just moved to Rouen or plan to do so shortly. You want to join in as soon as possible and discover the many resources and opportunities in your new region. Rouen Normandy Invest has developed a reception service to facilitate your arrival and allow you to focus more quickly to your new job.

Discovering the living environment

Upstream of your decision, so that you can make initial contact with your future surroundings, the Rouen Normandy Invest reception service invites you to discover the region around Rouen. Our goal: to show you that the Rouen metropolitan area is a great place to live.

Finding accommodation

The purpose of the Rouen Normandy Invest mobility service is to help you find your accommodation as quickly as possible. Thanks to its close contacts with real estate partners (agencies, notaries, etc.), the agency can find accommodation to suit every kind of requirement: for rent or purchase, apartment or house, in town or in the country. To save time, we propose to accompany you during your visits.

Work for your spouse

To speed up the return to work of your spouse, Rouen Normandy Invest explains the business activities in the employment area. In addition, we leverage our network of business relations to facilitate his/her job search.

Specific formalities

Finally, the Rouen Normandy Invest reception service answers all your questions in terms of education, entertainment, health, sports, culture, etc., and provides all the administrative, economic, cultural information, etc. necessary to ensure your integration into local life takes place in the best conditions.

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