Rouen Normandy economic development agency

A fully developed support network

A developed accompanying network

Normandie Incubation

Regional incubator for innovative projects, Normandie Incubation accompanies the innovative company creators throughout Normandy with 3 main branches located in Caen, Rouen and Le Havre. It offers a full-time accomodation, tailor-made workshops, individual coaching and access to the pool of Normand entrepreneurs and experts.

Projects related to the research benefit from repayable financial assistance, without participation. Other innovative projects benefit from the human ressources (support, training…), physical (hosting) and organisational of Normandie Incubation.


Rouen Normandie Création

Thanks to a genuine innovation policy, represented by the Rouen Normandy Creation, The Metropolis provides accommodation and support solutions tailored to the needs of creators, whether they are in the pre-startup phase or at a more advanced stage (thanks to Seine Biopolis, Seine Créapolis, Seine Innopolis, Seine Ecopolis, Seine Actipolis business incubators, etc).

In parallel, a well-developed system of financial subsidies and a network of experts to support business start-ups/takeover are available. The Normandy Business Angel association, BPI France Haute-Normandie and NCI Gestion are part of this policy and provide experience and funding for young companies with innovative projects.



The Industrial Mission of Economic Revitalization (MIRE) contributes to the revitalization of a weekened economic territority by helping projects of companies generating a net job creation.

Your industrial or service company to the industry is developping in the territory of the Metropolis (map of the intervention area of the MIRE) ? Do you intend to create new jobs there ? Through the MIRE, you will benefit from a global support over the duration of your project and depending on your needs (search for financing, strategic skills, technical or commercial partners, implantation support, etc…) and a contribution from the revitalization fund (loan agreement convertible into a grant).



The Mutualized Fund Revitalization 76 is a financial assistance device to promote on the Department 76, the development of TPE/SMEs, firstly dedicated to industry, services to industry or production crafts.

Does your company develop in Seine Maritime ? Do you project to create jobs there and seach a solution for co-financing ? The FMR76 allots, after endorsement of the agreement commitee, repayable advances from 5 to 100k over 3 to 5 years.