Rouen, an attractive metropolis for the service sector

Historically an industrial area, the Rouen metropolitan area has managed over time to adapt and mutate its activities towards services and the commercial sector. The many investments underway or planned reinforce the competitiveness of Rouen, allowing the region to further develop its service sector.

The regional capital attracts high value-added services

Today, the service sector is by far the largest of the Rouen metropolitan area, representing over three-quarters of salaried employees. Spread over about 25,000 establishments, these jobs are mostly found in the financial and real estate sectors, but also in insurance, or the so-called “high value-added” services sub-sector. The other sub-sectors are not left out, however, notably that of customer relationships which has been growing fast in recent years. This strong representation of the service sector reflects the status of the regional capital, which promotes the concentration of this type of activity.

Bright future outlooks

This is expected to increase in the future, given the numerous investment projects and planned developments. If the property offer – essential for the attractiveness of service companies – has developed particularly well in recent years including through business incubators and business service centres, it should experience strong growth in the next ten years with two major projects: Rouen Seine Cité first of all, with the Luciline-Rives de Seine district and the Flaubert eco-district, which will offer new opportunities for the set-up of service activities; but also the future district of the new Rouen train station, where large surface areas will allow the emergence of a large and modern business district, conveniently connected to the main transport routes.

Customer relationship business lines

With 34 contact centres and more than 3,000 jobs, the customer relationship sector in the Rouen metropolitan area has the ideal environment for its development, and is characterized by high professionalism and a large diversity of services. The Norman capital has already won major stakeholders such as Acticall, Matmut or Médiamétrie and remains a key region for the creation and installation of customer relationships centres near Paris.

The relation sector represents 34 centers of contact and more than 3000 jobs ©Fotolia

The relation sector represents 34 centers of contact and more than 3000 jobs ©Fotolia

These locations benefit from the fifty special training courses available from institutions in Rouen but also from the presence of the Customer Relationship Club (ARC) established in 2000 at the initiative of Rouen Normandy Invest. It brings together professionals, employment partners, institutions and training organizations, its purpose being to improve the structuring, facilitation and promotion of the sector.

The activities of Rouen contact centres are highly diversified: Banking-Insurance (Nexx, Eurofil, Pacifica, Macif, Banque Postale, etc.) Customer services (Veolia Water, Orange, EDF, SNCF Direct Line, Dalkia, Hoya Lens France, Eismann, etc.), Surveys and polls (Médiamétrie) Hot-Line (Astera), Outsourcing (CCA International Group Acticall) or telemarketing (FPC, Voxens).

The Rouen metropolitan area, a stronghold for the banking/insurance sector

In a city that has seen the emergence of flagship companies such as Axa, Matmut or Mazars, it is not surprising that these sectors now dominate the Rouen metropolitan area.

As a result, the main public and private banking institutions (Banque de France, BPI, Caisse d’Epargne, Crédit Agricole, etc.) have had their regional and sometimes multi-regional head offices in Rouen for many years. Other stakeholders in the banking sector have not been left out, allowing Rouen to have the financial leverage needed for economic development: The French Deposits and Consignments Fund (CDC), the Regional investment fund, NCI Gestion and Normandy Business Angels.


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