Large logistics stakeholders such as Total, Schenker, Continental Pharma, Rhémus, TFE, ILN Renault, Vente Unique, De Rijke, Malherbe, Deret and all of the courier service organizations have chosen to relocate within the employment area of ​​Rouen alongside a large number of other logistics companies.

In all, the sector, which is highly developed in the region surrounding Rouen, represents more than 3,000 companies and nearly 24,000 employees. Its vitality is due to the region’s various assets.

Transport and Networks

The motorway network (A13-A14, A28 and A29), the maritime and river connections, the railroad system (with the project for the New Paris Normandy Line and the future construction of a new station that will make Rouen less than one hour from Paris) and numerous crossings of the Seine in Normandy all help to develop a genuine vocation for logistics in the region surrounding Rouen.

In terms of road travel, major French and European cities such as Paris (2h), Nantes (4:30), Brussels (5:00), London (5:20) and Rotterdam (7:00) are all within reach of Rouen.

Telecommunications networks also play a key role in the city’s vitality and structures such as LITIS, MOV’EO and Web & Solutions have quickly allied with the Rouen Normandy metropolitan authority to enhance research in the field of geolocation.

Rouen, 1 hour from Paris ©Patrice Le Bris

Rouen, 1 hour from Paris ©Patrice Le Bris

A diversified offer in business parks

Whatever their scope or size, logistics companies will find the business parks they need to effectively grow their business all over the urban area surrounding Rouen. Here is a selection:

  • Malaquis Business Park
  • Petit-Couronne Port Terminal
  • Rouen Seine Valley Logistics

For further details about all of the business parks available in the region, please see the Relocating section of our site.

Highly qualified training courses

With its wide range of higher education training courses taught either in semesters or alternating as work-study programmes in leading institutions such as Neoma Business School, the International Transport and Logistics Law Institute (IDIT), the Customs College or the Higher Institute of Inland Navigation, Rouen provides skilled human resources for logistics stakeholders within the region (for students from certificate of professional competence (CAP) level up to those with 5 years of higher education).

The wide range of courses, each specializing in different stages of the supply chain, train future employees each year in fields such as Import/Export Purchasing Technician, Storekeeper, Stock Manager, Warehouse Manager, forwarding agent, logistics specialist, etc.

A network of stakeholders to help companies manage tomorrow’s logistics

Symbol of a region’s vitality, logistics are crucial for making businesses competitive. As a result, a large network of stakeholders has formed around this sector in the region surrounding Rouen.

The one hundred members of the  Nov@log  competitive cluster are part of them. The cluster plays a vital role in the competitiveness of companies and the development of logistics research and innovation.

Designed for professionals in the region’s logistics sector,  Logistique Seine Normandie brings together businesses, professional organizations, research and training organizations, local authorities and development agencies in order to promote and enhance the Normandy logistics industry, increase the supply of logistics services and promote the competitiveness of the companies involved.

Members of the Rouen Logistics Club  include companies and organizations involved in the logistics business from all kinds of backgrounds and aims to strengthen the development of logistics activities in the region in order to promote employment and the local economy.

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