Rouen Normandy economic development agency

Agrobusiness in Normandy

Irrigated by the Seine, Normandy is located between the Channel and Paris conurbation, which generates exchanges worlwide. With a competitive agricultural background (1st region for the agricultural land, 4 billion euros of agricultural products), the normand agri-food sector is part of the bio-economy, particulary innovative in terms of biomaterials, animal and human health… The attachment of the agrofood ecosystem favors the implantation and the development of local production sites. It is also a high marker of the normand image and a factor of attractiveness.

Key Figures

  • Branch of excellence (agricultural + agrobusiness) : 100 000 jobs
  • 630 agrobusiness companies
  • CA 6,3 billions
  • 1st industrial sector of Normandy
  • Diversity & quality of Normand products

Somes companies already established :

Ferrero Rouen (Photo : Martin Flaux)Segafredo Rouen (Photo : Martin Flaux)














HAROPA-Port of Rouen : European Hub of agrobusiness excellence

Silos Port de Rouen (Photo : Martin Flaux)

1st Western European grain port

Its location 100km inland induces logistical relevance. In addition, it is located in the heart of the agricultural production areas (wheat and barley). It’s characterized by :

  • 1st french consumption market (25 million consumers within 200 km)
  • Quality delivery service for shippers
  • Import processing industries for imported raw materials

MIN of Rouen (The halls of Normandy)

© Alan Aubry – Métropole Rouen Normandie


The MIN of Rouen, named « the halls of Normandy », covers 20 hectares of land, 57 000 sq.m of real estate and 8 000 jobs. The largest food wholesale market in northwest of France, it is dedicated to the B to B sale. In the heart of Rouen, it benefits from an excellent road link and promotes short circuits. It gathers a wide range of quality products and is adapted to new consumption and distribution patterns. It is also a central element of the Territorial Food Plan carried by the Rouen Normandy Metropolis.

The companies installed in the MIN benefit from two major competitive advantages, the synergy between them and logistics performance.


AREA Normandie

The objectives of this agro-food cluster are :

  • Animate and defend the interests of the Norman food sector
  • Accompany the business performance
  • Accelerate national and international business development

The brand « Saveurs de Normandie » promotes Normand agrobusiness relying on origin, quality and taste values.

VALORIAL, agrobusiness competitiveness cluster

Its core profession : identify, install and accompany collaborative and innovative R&D projects.

Its leitmotif : to make the western agri-food the territory of the most intelligent food.


Campus UniLaSalle Rouen (Photo : Martin Flaux)

Higher education institution of the network of Chambers of Agriculture with 2,8000 students, 16 000 Alumni and 3 university campus : Beauvais, Rouen and Rennes.

1st post-bac engineering school in France entirely dedicated to earth sciences, life and the environment.

The Rouen UniLaSalle  campus (600 students) focuses its training activities (engineer, bachelor, master, specialized masters, masters of science) and research around agriculture, agri-food and no alimentary valorization of agroresources. it develops an international development strategy with the upcoming opening of an engineering curriculum in english.