Environmental technologies: exceptional assets in Rouen for a growing market

The mandatory need to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and raw materials on the one hand, and the environmental impact of products and processes on the other, together provide a unique opportunity to develop environmental technologies.

Renewable energies, efficient and clean engines, electric vehicles and charging stations, on-board software and systems, green materials, thermal renovation of buildings, biofuels, nanoelectronics, supercomputers, robotics, etc.

All are technological sectors in which the Rouen metropolitan area is perfectly positioned to host, create and develop enterprises, which can find on the  Madrillet Technology Park  all of the resources they need in terms of:

  • Mechanical engineering – Materials – Vibro-acoustics
  • Energetics – Combustion – Environmental engineering
  • Electronics – Computers – Telecommunications

The resources available on the site will enable them to accelerate their projects and conquer these future markets.

Scientific resources

The Madrillet Technology Park concentrates more than 500 researchers and engineers based in excellence laboratories (including two CNRS units rated A+) and Technological Research Centres.

For many years all of these organizations have adopted a policy of cooperative R&D projects in partnership with companies, from SMEs to major groups.

The result is direct access to state-of-the-art equipment and advanced skills to ensure optimal results.

The organizations include the following:

  • LOFIMS: Optimization and Reliability in Structural Mechanics Laboratory
  • IMR: Institute for Material Research, a federative structure bringing together research laboratories at the highest level in the field of metallic materials (GPM) and biopolymers (LECAP).
  • CEVAA: Vibroacoustic Testing Centre for the Automotive Industry.
  • Interprofessional Complex for Aerothermochemistry Research (CORIA): and internationally recognized laboratory for its research on combustion, fluid mechanics (reactive and multiphase flows, turbulent blends, numerical simulation) and optical metrology.
  • CERTAM: Technological Research Centre specialized in the field of clean engines and air quality.
  • LSPC: Chemical Processes Safety Laboratory.
  • IRSEEM: Research Institute for Onboard Electronic Systems
  • LITIS: Computer Science, information processing and systems laboratory (artificial intelligence, signal and image processing, e-learning, data mining, etc.)
  • CRIHAN: Normandy Computer Resource Centre, equipped with parallel supercomputers (CPU 37 TFlops and GPU 13 TFlops) dedicated to intensive scientific computing and modelling.

In addition to these structures dedicated to R&D, 40 other companies are already present on the site, including SGS Multilab, the laboratory of SGS group (world leader in liquid analysis and certification), to date the largest company in the Madrillet Technology Park with a workforce of approximately 150 people.

The recruitment pool

5,000 high-level technical and scientific staff are trained within 4 higher education institutions located in the Madrillet Technology Park:

  • University of Rouen: Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Engineering Sciences, researchers and doctoral students from the Faculty of Science
  • ESITECH: Innovative Technologies Engineering School
  • INSA Rouen: National Institute of Applied Sciences
  • ESIGELEC: Graduate Engineering School (electronics and telecommunications systems)

Action networks

Companies that relocate within the Rouen metropolitan area can quickly join a large number of professional networks enabling them to accelerate their development.

In industrial sectors related to environmental technologies, the Madrillet Technology Park includes:

  • The head offices of the  Mov’eo  global competitive cluster dedicated to mobility.
  • A branch of the  Nov@log competitive cluster, dedicated to logistics and the supply chain.
  • The  ESP Carnot Institute  (Energy and Propulsion Systems).
  • Normandy AeroEspace  an association that brings together stakeholders in the aerospace industry in Normandy.
  • Normandy Energies  an association that brings together Norman stakeholders in the production and distribution of renewable or traditional energy sources.
  • The  Norman ARIA an association of companies in the Normandy automotive industry.

Tailored hosting solutions

Depending on the company’s needs, the Madrillet Technology Park provides:

35 hectares of serviced land immediately available.

  • 2 rental offers:

Innovapôle 76, created and managed by the Rouen Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Seine Ecopolis, a business incubator and service centre created and managed by the Rouen Normandy metropolitan authority, dedicated to the eco-construction sector.

  • 1 private business centre with fully-equipped offices for a limited lease.

A dense industrial fabric

The Rouen metropolitan area is characterized by the presence of numerous companies operating in the environmental technologies sector, including:

  • Renault Cléon (production of combustion and electric engines, gearboxes)
  • SAIPOL (biofuels)
  • SGS Multilab (physico-chemical analyses and certifications)
  • DT2 (engineering and testing of combustion, hybrid and electric powertrains)
  • AREELIS technologies (energy systems and fluid dynamics)
  • MISSENARD (HVAC installations and maintenance for industry)
  • ARTEKO (agro-sourced materials for creative leisure activities)
  • TANGENT’DELTA (Expert Consultancy services in acoustics, vibration and combustion engines

A multitude of initiatives

There are all sorts of initiatives in this area, involving highly diverse stakeholders. This is the case in higher education with the ESITPA  school of agricultural engineering located in Mont-Saint-Aignan, which promotes the use of agricultural materials in green building and innovation through its “Agri’terr” research unit. Other examples include the  NormandBat construction trade show which is the biennial event for the sustainable construction industry with an entire section dedicated to Energy efficiency and Sustainable Development allowing professionals to come and learn more. Finally, the regional association for the building and public works sector in Normandy (ARE BTP) is taking action to implement best practices in order to reduce the environmental impacts of construction sites.

Seine Ecopolis: business incubator/service centre dedicated to green building

The first step in the Green Building cluster in Rouen, Seine Ecopolis, a business incubator and service centre that opened its doors in March 2014 on the site of the Madrillet Technology Park, can host up to fifty companies to help them develop. The structure provides workshops and offices designed to match the needs of professionals in the building and public works sector. The site of the business incubator is also remarkable in itself, because it meets Germany’s demanding Passivhaus standard: an exemplary building in terms of operation and energy consumption and the first workshop building to achieve this type of performance in France.

·         Features of the business incubator

·         Total floor area: 1,500 sq. m

·         11 workshops of 30 to 90 sq. m

·         39 modular offices with a basic floor area of 15 sq. m

·         Materials library

·         Broadband access, etc.

The Green Building cluster in the Madrillet Technology Park is for innovative construction companies

For innovative construction companies, the Green Building Cluster in Rouen has solutions to relocate your business whatever its stage of development:

  • In addition to the business incubator / service centre backed by the Rouen Normandy metropolitan authority, the land provided in line with each company’s needs enables start-ups to relocate to the business village, which has a total area of 4 hectares divided into plots from 3000 sq. m upwards;
  • The “The Madrillet workshops” programme provides modular, turnkey workshops or offices with floor areas from 100 to 450 sq. m with varying terms and types of tenure (acquisition/rental with or without an option to buy).

The objective of the Green Building Cluster constituted by the Seine Ecopolis business incubator and service centre, and the business village is mainly to:

  • Build a network of companies and organizations involved in a sustainable development approach
  • Work to strengthen the synergies between businesses, research and training

Founding members