Become a member of the network Rouen Normandy Invest - RNI

Join RNI and …

  • Integrate a dynamic and unique network of partners: institutions, business leaders in every sector (banking, industry, services, digital, health, R&D, etc.), training organizations, employment partners – to name but a few – and be the first to be informed about economic development projects in the region.
  • Meet your personal contact and save time in gaining business intelligence in and on the region
  • Obtain personalized support for your your business development projects: explanations about the region, finding land and real estate opportunities tailored to your requirements, monitoring and linking with relevant stakeholders (recruitment, training, financing, R&D, etc.)
  • Obtain from our team specific responses to the specific needs of your projects.
  • Be involved in promotional and prospecting operations carried out by RNI (trade fairs, business conventions, etc.) and benefit from the increased visibility (as relays of information or news about your business)
  • Use RNI’s enhanced information resources (know-how, benchmarking) and communication relays: web, social networks, web TV, press relations, success stories, newsletters, emailing, etc.
  • Have access to RNI tools: brochures, studies, briefing documents, advice on advocacy and sales arguments, etc.
  • Expand your network effect with special access to events organized by RNI and participate in numerous business events: InvestiR Club, ARC Club (customer relations and action), “Investor Days”, Ecotechnology Days, etc.
  • Let your employees and their families of whatever nationality who are on the move for personal and professional reasons benefit from practical solutions tailored to their needs (finding accommodation, support for spouses in finding jobs, visiting the region, etc.)
  • Help develop the identity of the region and its influence by becoming an Ambassador of the Enjoy Rouen Normandy regional brand.
  • Benefit from facilitated contacts with elected representatives

Membership process

  • Meeting with an agency employee: presentation of the organisation and membership conditions (calendar year fee schedule, etc.)
  • Submission of the application and approval by the Board of Directors

Members undertake to:

  • Actively participate in the life of the agency (statutory meetings, InvestiR Club, Ambassador meetings, etc.)
  • Pay the appropriate annual fee as decided by the Board of Directors.

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